We are…

commercial co-founders.

We hand hold Seed and SeriesA startups get their first £1-£2million in revenue. Based on a tried and tested model and a strong belief that revenue is better than investment, we [The Sandpit] have an established infrastructure to help deliver the first and most important milestones for any B2B Enterprise Sales business.

Our Proposition

We are hands-on, trustworthy, resourceful and well connected; we don’t just advise, we act, we make things happen and allow for new, meaningful relationships to be created.

We’re relentlessly pushing ourselves and the industry forward, so as a collective we might be seen as more dominant.

We guide and accelerate the growth of innovative hrec tech to change the landscape of all things job-related from database management and applicant tracking systems through to learning and development tools and candidate engagement with anything else that we have yet to identify!

We work with a proven process and bring a world-class team with deep sector and business model expertise, aligned, to drive sustainable, fast, revenue growth .

The Sandpit provides startups with as much or as little as is determined; we exist to make others succeed.  Dependent on the stage of the business we have the people, the tools, the network and the knowledge to facilitate that.

Connected – tap into an exhaustive group of key stakeholders in the market; recruitment agency leaders, HR Professionals and advisory experts.

Hands on – we fulfill the roles of CEO, sales director, marketing director, financial controller, legal, hr, events and business support.

Trustworthy – our team is trusted in their fields of expertise.

Value Added – we exist so the tech founders can focus entirely on perfecting their product.

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The Process


The Proof of Concept phase establishes the product is market fit. The Sandpit team taps into our extensive network of  key stakeholders in the market; recruitment agency leaders, HR Professionals and advisory experts. We then use the real-time market feedback to help the founders develop a broad strategy, branding and a go-to-market plan. By qualifying the market need for the product before admitting the company to join The Sandpit, we are able to win customers and drive revenue into the business from day one.


If the Proof of Concept phase is successful, the company is on-boarded into The Sandpit infrastructure: at this stage, our central marketing and sales experts will execute the full commercial plan and work towards the agreed key performance indicators. We will also help raise seed funding, if needed, and start building commercial and marketing teams into the company, under The Sandpit guidance.


The company is in “steady state” and it’s time to scale. Whether it be sales, marketing, HR, finance or legal, we have all the right tools, proven processes, customisable templates and experienced staff the company needs to set up each function. While the founders focus on perfecting their product offering to an expanding customer base, The Sandpit team will make sure all aspects of the business are scalable, all staffing requirements are filled, and that the company is fully prepared to support the next phase of the accelerated growth.


The company is now experiencing strong growth, has an expanding client base and a team of dedicated full-time staff. It’s celebration time! Together, we have built a product into a successful business. Next, we will help the company move into its own new offices as we prepare it for Series A/B raising and/or a strategic M&A deal.
Many of The Sandpit’s staff have rounded experience of running businesses and also dealing with companies that require a turnaround. We have a blend of young and energetic people balanced by the more experienced amongst us.

We make connections to join the dots

Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise

Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise

Managing Partner

Myself (Xavier) - Ran sale of JobPartners to Taleo, Acquisition mandates for Stepstone, Fundraising for JobPartners series C and Pre-IPO, etc

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Managing Partner

Sarah Jones - known to all that have worked with her as ‘SJ’ - has been in the recruitment industry for over 17 years, most recently working for Hays PLC. Sarah’s career began back in the late 90’s after having graduated in Marketing and languages she secured a role with what now is known as the S3 group. Much of her experience was spent at Antal International where she worked closely with Tony Goodwin and Doug Bugie, launching the franchise network of global offices. 2011 saw Sarah move to China where she spent 5 years in both Beijing and Shanghai building successful award-winning recruiting teams, as well as becoming a thought leader within the Chinese HR and Recruitment community. Sarah has an in depth knowledge of recruitment, franchising, and operational management on a global scale leading from the front in every aspect.

Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell

Managing Partner

Simon Campbell is a serial entrepreneur having founded and built six businesses (“won two, drawn two, lost one”, The Sandpit is his sixth) in the tech, marketing and publishing sectors in Europe. Besides overall responsibility for making sure the bread is on the table and top level Sandpit strategic vision/direction, his primary focus is on sales, funding and commercial strategy for The Sandpit and portfolio companies

Raj Ram

Raj Ram

Industry Engagment

Serial entrepreneur, involved in IPO, £100m+trade sale. Built agencies, startup studio, coworking space and investor in 50+ startups. Now advising accelerators, incubators, funds and corporations on growth and being more entrepreneurial.